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 a collection of sites which honor the literary tradition of independent and self-publishing. To join, you must be a small press book publisher, self-published author, small press book promoter or publication dedicated to promoting the works of small press book publishers.

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The Small Press Book Ring is operated by ixistence.com/iXistence Interactive, LLC, a small business website hosting partner. If we can be of assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to drop us an email. FYI, iXistence did not start this ring, it was started by a small press book publisher who was closing down and did not want this ring to 'die.' After soliciting volunteers and nobody stepped up to bat at the time, I volunteered to be the coordinator for this group. This is not my group - it belongs to you the small press publisher. If you look at my website you won't find a reference to this ring there, as I'm not in your business and I never took this responsibility on to use for any type of marketing. If I can be of assistance to your business, that's great. You contact me and I'll do my best but I will never market my services to you. God bless you all, and long live freedom of the press! Jeff Tucker